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Asian America: The Future is Now Presented by Kyoko/Jinjabrew

"Asians in America stand inside a future that has already arrived. 

Through dance, movement, and meditation, using sound, poetry, spiritual tools, and healing foods, we invite you to join us for an evening where we stand in our collective power and honor the future that lives inside of each of us. 

Together, we are weaving the songs of our mothers and motherlands.
We are singing the stories of migration that live in our bodies.
We are looking within to fully actualize these present moments.
We are seeking freedom from past.
We are claiming our seats of power for the transformational changes we’re calling in


Directed by Kyoko Takenaka
Creative & Spiritual Consultant: kyoko nakamaru
Producer: Jennelle Fong

Accompanying visual zine produced by kyoko nakamaru

Creative Collaborators:
Gunita CollectiveJasmine LinMin Yoon ,Charlotte NguyenJenevieve TingAlly VegaParu FrancesFarrah SuJenny San Angelkyoko nakamaruJennelle FongGenevieve Erin O’ BrienJenn Ban  + more"

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